Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Conclusion- What works for you ?

Over the semester we have been able to explore different views, ideas, and essays on what makes up the history of I.D. When dicussing the history of I.D it is interesting to try to observe and learn from the different values that different designers have when it comes to their own personal optinions on what makes up a good design. During this class we have been able to learn these different views and values through obseving various lectures, talks, and even through reading the blogs of other classmates. Before this class I was already certain that I had a clear view on the opinions of the majority of the design concentration for what is taught in industrial design at RISD for 2008. Most of what has been taught this year has been a strong emphasis on green design and the design for the other 90%.

Up untill this semester I have been somewhat blind to these important topics. After taking this class at the same time as taking my studio class, Design for Social Entrepenurs I have been able appreciate them more and better understand why they have been discussed and talked about with such great emphasis. It is important to understand that everyone has a voice. It is good to be self-motivated, but even better to be able to try and understand the motivation of others. Motivation in reason for design comes from the experiences you have gone through in your life so far. For people who are artistic and fluent in the design lanuage, they know that inspiration can come from anywhere.

This class has allowed me to become more interested in the benefits of good design when relating it to helping other people and the planet as a whole. It has also made me dicover different paths that are available for me to take my own talent in design after leaving RISD. Before this semester I admit I was close minded to green design and design for the other 90%, and was more focused on just making it through each day until I recive my RISD diploma. I was mostly concerned on how this RISD degree can help me get a good job after graduating. After being able to listen to the concerns and opinions of others on topics of world issues especially through this class I have been able to alter my motives in design.

This now brings me back to my first topic on what defines good design. I have come to the conclusion that good design can be anything that you make it. If you want to use your skills in design to help people less fortunate and become part of designing for the other 90% then that is great, and you will be very well appreaciated to the less fortunate. This is a topic that I feel strongly about especially being born in a third world country. Also by doing research on Haiti and other third world countries, and also being able to visit several, I belive that this design is very relavent.

The direction that I find myself moving towards after this class will probably still be trying to use my design talent to get a job to support myself, but then later on in life if I have become successful, I will not hesitate to help those less fortunate than myself and help others become successful in their own right. You only get one life to live and you have to make sure that you make decisions that will make you happy and willing to move on to the next task that is put before you. Once you have stabalized your own goals and motives, this is when you can say you are ready to help others. For some, this may be the opposite and that is great too. Some designers become motivated and stabalized by helping others first. This just goes to show that everyone is different, but no one should ever hesitate to be open-minded in sugestion on the opinions of others. Design is creative and there is no right answer and the rules are drawn with a thin line. The struggle now for upcomming designers is trying to find out what works the best for you to become inspired in your work and in everyday life.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Inspiration- Miami Design

My own personal inspiration when it comes to design comes from every aspect of my life. My culture, family, present, past and the places around the world that Ive seen. Every new day I push my motivation to allow me to finish all the tasks of my present because I know the ending result will be success. Weather or not I am experienced in the fields of work that I find myself having to accomplish day by day I promised myself that I will never give up. Most of my inspiration also comes from my parents and the people around me. The types of people who I admire the most are those who have the motivation and ability to take nothing and turn it into something. I believe this philosophy can be fit into any situation especially when relating it to the design process.

Design Miami is fascinating and inspirational to me for many reasons. I have been able to go visit the city of Miami many times. I am originally from New York City. Its true that once you are raised in New York everywhere else you go is subconsciously compared and contrasted. Miami is very rich in culture and traditions from all around the world and especially has a huge Hispanic influence just like New York. South beach and the towns surrounding the city are so rich in modern architecture and exotic scenery. The weather, the beautiful beaches, the incredibly friendly people of all ethnicities, and the metropolitan atmosphere makes this city in my own opinion very able to stand on its own as one of the best cities in the United States.
The city of Miami is the seventh largest city in the United States and is most known for its influences on the country for its prevalence in commerce, industry, entertainment, and the arts. It is also the center for many large business headquarters and cooperations for fashion. Miami is also known as one of the cleanest cities in the the us. The views of the lush green palm trees cover the city. In south beach the building literally hug the beaches making a day in the sun and crystal clear blue water and easy option. When the rain clears up this city is truly a beautiful sight. It is completely understandable why so many artists find their life's inspiration just by living there and building businesses.

Recently Miami has become a very strong and well respected city especially known for art and design due to the resurgence of the Art Deco District located in South Beach. Design Miami is known for collecting, exhibiting, discussing, and creating design. Design Miami holds events that bring together top design visionaries, celebrities, and taste-makers from all around the world to honor extraordinary talent and influence of their own 2008 designers of the year. Orgnaizations like Design Miami influence so many designers and people of the modern creative world to continue to be inspired not only by their surroundings but also by the other artistically influenced people around them. When people of the arts come together the only thing that can come out of that is more great creativity. It is important to support these organizations because art is visual and design is everywhere.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Electric Cars- Better Place

An electric car is a type of alternative fuel car that uses electric motors. Electric cars are commonly mistaken for hybrids but they are not the same because they operate in a charge sustaining mode. An electric car also uses motor controllers instead of an internal combustion engine. The electric power used usually comes from the battery packs in the car. Other examples of rechargeable electric vehicles are ones that store electricity in a flywheel. While electric cars are considered to be zero-emission vehicles they cause an increase in electrical generation needs. Generating electricity and providing liquid fuels for vehicles are different ctagories of the energy economy with both different environmental harms and benefits.

People that completely support the usage and technology of the electric car would be surprised to realize that 80% of the efficiency for the electric vehicle if only 20% beneficial. The efficiency of a gasoline engine is approximately 16% and 20% for a diesel engine. The result of emissions depends on transportation costs getting fuels to the actual vehicle compared to a power plant. Diesel engines can also easily run on renewable fuels, bio-diesel, and vegetable oil fuel with no loss of efficiency. The major potential benefit of using an electric car is to allow diverse renewable electricity sources to fuel cars.

A company known as "Better place" has a vision for the world to be a better place by trying to reduce the use of oil as an emission. Better place wants the environment and economy brought back into balance with itself. They promote the use of electric cars and are in a current partnership with Nissan. These cars will have rechargeable batteries and will be set up by a number of charging spots in place of gas stations located in convenient areas where these cars are being used and driven. The end result for the usage of these electric cars will be prosperity to build infrastructure to lessen the overall dependency on oil and create a carbon free economy that will generate new jobs, and create a more sustainable and environmental growth for earths future generations.


Sunday, November 9, 2008

Need for Clean Water in Haiti

Haiti is considered to be the one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere. 80% of the population lives in extreme poverty. Two-thirds of all Haitians depend on the agriculture for income, which consists mainly of small-scale farming. Haiti also suffers from inflation, a lack of investment, and a severe trade deficit. Civil issues combined with damage from flooding in southern Haiti in May 2004 and natural disasters such as many hurricanes frequently sweep the nation.

Haiti was hit by four storms. These storms were Fay Gustav, Hanna, and Ike all in approximately one month. These storms killed about 800 people, and 1000 people were considered to be missing. 520 of those killed were living in the hardest hit city which is the second large city in Haiti. This city is known as the Port city of Gonaives. This situation in this particular city was very serious. Gonaives was completely paralyzed and submerged under two meters of flood water. These storms also destroyed thousands of homes and large amounts of crops. One of the main concerns after the Haitian flooding crisis is the need for clean water.

These storms have further damaged the already contaminated water supply for Haitians. More than 1 billion people including Haitians lack access to safe drinking water worldwide. Contaminated drinking water causes around 200 deaths per hour of children below age 5, and stunts development in the growth process. There are many reasons why access to clean water is essential worldwide. Clean water is vital to the human body. The human body is 50 to 70 per cent water, and needs a regular supply of clean water to maintain proper health. People need clean water for cooking and making beverages. We must work to clean water worldwide in order to maintain sufficient sources to supply this need. Not only fish, but other meats, fruits, and vegetables will become contaminated. Water must also be clean for wildlife that does not only live in the water, but depends on clean water for health and cleanliness. From early preschool years onward, children must be are taught proper rules of hygiene and it all depends on clean water.

Centralized treatments, piped water systems, the routine use of bottled water or fuel to boil drinking water are not affordable for households with average incomes below $1 a day. Haitians are underserved and are in desperate need a for a large, effective, and affordable water purification technology, implemented through a sustainable model. Two good examples of water purifications can be found through distributing an accessible filtration process. The distribution of the Biosand Filter and the Life straw together for Haitians seems like a good solution. The Biosand Filter can be built from local materials such as sand and concrete and removes 98% of all water imperfections. It can be accessed in separate homes or possibly shared by small communities or families. The Life Straw is a portable filtration system that is in the shape of a straw and when being used filters out 98% of all water imperfections as well. The Biosand Filter can be used for stationary household or community usage, and the life straw for portable needs.

By being able to filter out the bad substances and diseases such as cholera, hepatitis A and many types of tape worms, this will reduce the risk of early deaths and increase healthier and safer living throughout the communities with contaminated water in Haiti due to the floods. The consequences of inadequate access to clean water are too great. Many have expressed growing concern that water wars are more likely in the future than current battles for oil. Where access to clean water is the very essence of life, “no water” may mean “no peace.”

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Feminism and Fashion

Fashion is a cultural activity that over time has managed to exclude itself against systematic analysis. Instead it is a more positive thing to say that fashion has always existed as a challenge to be understood as multi faceted. These challenges are exactly what attract people who believe that the meaning behind fashion culture is meaningless or trivial. This approach of fashion as a culture can be related to dealing with the perspective of the views of the extreme feminist. The concepts of how fashion has evolved in the sense of a product and in the sense of a symbol of feminism. Sociologists approach the work of fashion designers such as Coco Chanel and Vivienne Westwood in relation to questions of representation, subjectivity and the construction of sexual identity. A related concept to the use of femininity within the history of the fashion industry is primarily the body within any clothing system.

Many feminist groups view the practice of a woman being able to have the freedom to cultivate her own appearance makes her a collaborator in woman’s oppression. On the other end some of these groups use the issue of a woman’s personal appearance to be viewed as an instrument of power and control within the women’s movement which deals with issues such as class, education, and ethnicity. In every generation women with more education, more leisure and more connections to institutions of power have set examples in fashion as a product to women all over. These are the women that show society what to wear in order to become liberated.

This type of liberation that woman can get from fashion can been seen in every culture throughout history. Women have used fashion as a decorating or grooming process. It is natural for women to want to groom and perfect themselves to the best of their ability. This concept is often looked down upon by extreme feminists who consider the right way to groom is to do as little grooming as possible. They believe the grooming process is something made up by men to demoralize women. This view on feminism and concept of a less is more attitudes are more commonly known as the all natural way. This concept has been criticized for being somewhat hypocritical considering that most people including men naturally want to groom and accessorize to look their best. What does this say about women who do not take grooming seriously? Are they less feminine than women who love to groom and accessorize?

The answer is no. Feminists have their ways of grooming just like the everyday woman, only the extreme feminist believes that anything advertised as being sexy or girly is only a marketing technique controlled by men who set impossible standards for women that most will never be able to meet. If fashion and product advertisements only picture the most beautiful women in the sexiest clothes, feminists believe that these are unrealistic standards they will never be able to meet. What happens to the women who become fascinated and inspired by these commercial standards of fashion and business? These are the women who embrace high heels, skirts, and the entire feminine culture. Women and men are completely different and nothing will ever change that. I believe women need to move fashion forward and use their feminine side to benefit them to succeed.


Passage of Time (Timeline)

Monday, October 27, 2008